At Tiger Bay we’d like to make your Karoga experience a unique one, hence why we will work with you to create the perfect menu for you and your guests. We’ll create a menu that includes both starters and main. You get to choose if you’d like to cook it all or order certain dishes from our menu. Prices will vary depending on menu selected. Call 0208 200 5765 or 07741 565 576 to find out more about the Karoga or to book.



A unique Kenyan outdoor cooking experience – the word ‘karoga’ means ‘to stir’.

karoga london

A tradition apparently started by Indian workers who were sent by the British to build the Mombasa to Uganda railway. Workers would start cooking their lunch early in the morning, adding different spices and stirring as they passed the pot. By lunch time they would have a wonderfully fragrant slow cooked curry.

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Come experience this unique Kenyan style of cooking at Tiger Bay!